“just what exactly is it that you do?” part 4: designing your book

The final step in capturing your story is the book layout and design. This is where the real fun begins! I essentially build a frame around your words, accented with your favorite photos and graphic elements that capture the essence of who you are. Each 11stories book has a similar look, with a clean layout, crisp graphics, and plenty of space on the page for your words to shine. But each 11stories book is also unique – a reflection of you and your story. For example, a recent Engagement Book incorporated the blush and gold color theme of the couple’s upcoming wedding. During a recent Life Story interview, it was apparent that the narrator’s alma mater played a strong role in his life experiences, so his book included graphics in the university colors to add a dash of personality.

Each 11stories book is finished with a silver embossed name label and tied with a silver satin ribbon, and delivered in a custom-made book box. Your book should feel like a present – whether a gift from your bridesmaids, your children, or simply a gift to yourself – a priceless, timeless gift to honor your story.