Hazel’s bridesmaids gave them an 11stories gift certificate so they could create a book to share with friends and family at their wedding.  Hazel and Alex have known each other since childhood – Hazel even remembers having a crush on Alex, her best friend’s older brother. But it would be long after both of them outgrew little league games and sleepovers before they realized they had a real connection.

Their interview was one of the more challenging ones I’ve done in a while – yet it also turned out to be one of the most successful. Alex is very reserved, and Hazel is bubbly and outspoken. She did most of the talking for the first half hour, and I remember thinking to myself that their book was going to end up being “Hazel’s story.”

Alex was quite shy talking about the early years of their relationship – how they met, how they started dating, etc. But when I asked him about the engagement story, his eyes lit up, he sat up in his chair, and he became downright chatty. He talked about how he took the time to find just the right ring to fit Hazel’s unique style. He talked about going over to his future in-laws house to ask their permission, and sharing a teary moment with Hazel’s father.

It wasn’t until I started transcribing their interview that I realized what a gem of a story this would be. Their book captures a rare moment when Alex opened up, dropped his guard, and shared stories that even Hazel had never heard.

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FONTnotes:  Hazel and Alex’s story is set in the lovely Alegreya, with accents and titles in Market OT and Pea Miss Mariss.  Their book design reflects both their personalities – a warm linen background with crisp lines in dark grays for Alex’s strong silent presence, and pops of hot pink for Hazel’s flirty style and infectious laugh.  Their book also includes several Guest Book pages at the end, asking their wedding guest to “please add to the story.”


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