featured: snippet & ink

earlier this year, my husband and i were interviewed for a feature on the wonderful Snippet & Ink, called “snapshot of a marriage.” Snippet & Ink typically focuses on couples celebrating an engagement and preparing for their upcoming wedding, but in this series, the focus is on couples celebrating an anniversary and the many years after the wedding.

i am so honored to say that adam and i are the subject of this week’s “snapshot.” we recently celebrated 15 years of marriage, and i am proud to say that we still make each other laugh every day!

we had such fun doing the interview for this piece. it is all too rare that any of us have a chance to reflect on our relationship. to take the time to think back on the first days that we met, to laugh about the early struggles, and to realize how much we have grown and learned together.

my clients often tell me that the process of doing a Couple Story is better than therapy, and now i can honestly say that i agree with them. and it’s far more entertaining!

please enjoy this small snapshot

smiles pola