Fiona and Max are truly the Romeo and Juliet of their time.  They come from families with different cultures and religions, and for many years, they had to keep their relationship a secret from their families and most of their friends.  Fiona’s family is from Pakistan and are Muslim, and Max’s family is from India and are Hindi.  Their parents tried to set them up with many “suitable” matches, yet in the end, their love prevailed.

They had a particularly entertaining response to “How did you meet?”  Apparently they met several times through mutual friends and colleagues, yet Max had no recollection!  Fiona, on the other hand, always remembered Max, but she actually confused him for another mutual friend who had a bad reputation.  Somehow, amidst mistaken identities and forgotten faces, these two found their way to each other.

They also have a unique story of “coming out” to their families that speaks to their courage and dedication to each other and to the power of love over all.  They are now blissfully married and are happy to report that all friends and family share in their happiness!

Enjoy a few pages of their wonderful book:

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FONTnotes:  Fiona and Max’s book is set in the magnificent pairing of Liza Pro and Dolly Pro.  Photos from their childhoods and family added to their already inspiring love story.


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