happy new year! we are bubbling over with excitement about the year ahead.
2013 brought us many wonderful opportunities, and we are looking forward to many new adventures in 2014.

it’s been a busy holiday season, and we have two new books going to print this month. one is a wedding book, celebrating the first year of marriage, the other is an anniversary book, celebrating 60 years of marriage. stay tuned, we’ll be posting excerpts soon.

we’re working on some more large-scale projects as well, including a life story and an anniversary book. we’ll be doing multiple interviews with extended family and friends to help provide additional perspectives and capture stories across generations.

we’ll also be working across media as well, creating enhanced e-books to be shared electronically. don’t worry, our heart is always with the printed book! but we are excited about the possibilities of integrating video and weblinks into an optional e-book that can be shared with your family and friends across the world.

speaking of the printed book, we are launching a new blog series, “book stories.” we’ll be exploring all things book – layout and design (including InDesign tips), bookbinding and printing, storytelling and the art of the interview, all with a healthy dose of book love.

our other new blog series is something that’s been brewing for over a year now. i have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many other creatives, and i am always inspired by each person’s unique style and approach to creative work. in short, i am fascinated by the creative story. combine that with my (healthy) obsession with a great love story, and you’ve got our new blog series, “creative couples.” interviews with creatives who combine a passion for their work with a passion for each other. creativity + love = a great story!

looking further ahead, we are planning a major overhaul of the website, making it easier to read book excerpts, find resources on the blog, and connect with us and share stories. we’ll be revealing the new web design this summer, when we will also have our annual “friends & family” sale, celebrating the storytellers in our lives.

here’s to a great year, filled with great stories!