11STORIES:  If you could change anything about each other, what would you change?

MAURICE:  I’d make her 30 again!

CAROL:  (laughs) Oh my god!

carol and maurice are truly high school sweethearts. they met when she was 14, he was 15, at a local dance in their small town in upstate new york. maurice cut in on carol’s dance partner, and the rest is history. their legacy lives on in their five children, thirteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren and counting…

their love story spans 60 years and four generations, across three states. i worked with their granddaughter in new york, their daughter in massachusetts, and carol and maurice in south carolina, to create this wonderful tribute. during the process, their granddaughter gave birth to the newest member of the family.

their granddaughter initially contacted me to inquire about an Anniversary Book for her beloved grandparents, “mimi” and “popi.” she wanted to find the perfect gift to celebrate carol and maurice’s upcoming 60th wedding anniversary – it was clear that she and the rest of her family respected the strength and longevity of their relationship and wanted to learn the secrets of their successful marriage! she also greatly admired her grandfather’s work as an engineer and an executive at GE, and wanted to record his stories and his lessons learned throughout a successful career.

their family gathers this week to celebrate their 60th anniversary and to share the stories in this lovely Anniversary Book. please enjoy excerpts from a life well lived and a family well loved.

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FONTnotes:  Their book uses the elegant Lush Script for titling and accents and Goudy Bookletter 1911 for text.  11stories also created a custom logo design for Carol & Maurice, as part of their anniversary celebration.


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