Jordan: “I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I’m totally in love with you…”

Lillia and Jordan’s interview was two hours of sheer fun! the two of them sat snuggled together on their couch on a rainy saturday afternoon, holding hands the whole time, sharing their whirlwind love story. they met in colorado on vacation – a one night stand mixed with a dash of love at first sight. they spent the next six months dating cross-country, flying back and forth between new york and san francisco.

before long, they were engaged under the the golden gate bridge and lillia moved west to become a california girl. they celebrated their marriage in a beautiful sonoma county vineyard, surrounded by their friends and family.

lillia and jordan’s romance may be quicker than most, but their depth of respect and understanding for each other goes well beyond their two years together. they are committed to an honest relationship and a true appreciation for each other’s unique qualities. they are grounded in their shared devotion to their families. and best of all, they bring a healthy dose of laughter to their marriage!

please enjoy a sneak peek of their story!

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FONTnotes: ┬áLillia & Jordan’s book is set in Modern No. 20 for titles and Goudy Bookletter 1911 for text. ┬áSmall dashes of color provide accents, pulled from their wedding invitation and their hometowns of New York & San Francisco. Their words are enhanced by photography by the talented Lori Paladino.


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