Leo’s children wanted to do something special to celebrate Leo’s upcoming 75th birthday, so they gave their father a gift certificate for a Life Story.  As Leo’s son explained, “my dad has given us so much, and honoring his experiences is just a small way that we can give back to him.”

We agreed to focus the project on the first fifty years of his life, which allowed us to capture the rich stories of his childhood, his time in the military and his successful career in investment banking.  Leo was particularly reflective about his own father, whom he described as quite the storyteller in his own right:

“Daddy was a great storyteller… these home spun stories he would tell. And you always thought they were factual, but they all had meanings. And, you know, all through life he’d repeat stories. It was like a profession back in the old days.”

We were able to finish Leo’s book in time to be shared at his big 75th birthday party.  Leo’s children gave him the incredible gift of preserving his stories, and in turn, Leo gave his friends and family the incredible gift of sharing his stories.

Enjoy a sneak peek below:

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FONTnotes:  Leo’s story is set in Goudy Bookletter 1911, with titling and pull-quotes in Rem-Blick to evoke the typewriters of his childhood.


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