Ah yes, the holiday season is here. We gather together to share food, fun, and… awkward conversation?!

Even in the best of circumstances, it can be a challenge to navigate topics of conversation at a family dinner. Is it o.k. to ask about your little cousin’s job search? Do you want to hear about your baby nephew’s sleep schedule? Are you gearing up for another round of political debate between your dad and his brother?

This year, come to the table with a list of entertaining, risk-free conversation topics that will engage your family and create a true Thanksgiving spirit. In the process, you might even start your own family history!

Have each person go around the table and respond to the following prompts:

I am thankful for… (It’s an obvious conversation starter for Thanksgiving, and better yet it will put people in a warm and fuzzy mood.)

My favorite thing/least favorite thing of the day… (This is a well-loved tradition in our house and it’s a great way to get kids engaged in the conversation.)

My favorite place to travel is… (This one will encourage memories of a happy time, and may even provide an idea for your next family vacation.)

I’d like to be remembered for… (This topic will inevitably elicit some interesting and surprising responses and provide an opportunity for an honest conversation about hopes and dreams and lessons learned. Before you know it, you’ll be convincing your family of the value of sharing and recording life stories!)

My favorite curse word is… (This one is a classic from Bernard Pivot’s brilliant questionnaire, and let’s be honest, at some point, you’re gonna need an excuse to curse!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!