Brendan hired 11stories to do a Love Story as an anniversary gift for Jess.  Simple enough, but the catch was that the whole project was a surprise for Jess!

The challenge:  conduct a 2 hour couple interview with Brendan and Jess while keeping the project a surprise for Jess.  This project included the couple interview as well as interviews with nearly a dozen friends and family across the country.

The solution:  devise a cover story that convinced Jess that their couple interview was part of my creative couples blog series.

Their couple interview was a huge success, both Brendan and Jess were open and thoughtful and reflective, and the surprise was intact. The additional interviews were a beautiful complement, as each of their friends and family members provided a unique perspective and added layers to their already magical love story.  And even though Brendan knew these additional interviews were happening, those stories were an added surprise for both Brendan and Jess when they sat down together to enjoy their book.  We also included the wedding speech written by their best friend, favorite family snapshots and photos from their picture-perfect wedding in Italy.

Jess is an internationally recognized contemporary artist with major commissions in San Francisco and beyond.  Brendan has been at the forefront of technology for the last twenty years, working at many of the largest names in Silicon Valley.  Together they share a commitment to building a life of creativity and adventure.

Jess and Brendan’s story has all the elements of a fairy tale – an epic mountain climb, a magic key to their future, and a castle wedding in Italy.  They met through a mutual friend, had an instant connection, and less than a month later were headed across the world to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Their love was strengthened on that climb, and within a year they were engaged and ready to start their young family.  They recently celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary.

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FONTnotes:  Cinzel Decorative for a sophisticated flair, the ever adaptable Dolly Pro for Jess and Brendan’s story, and the modern classic Goldenbook to offset quotes from their friends and family.


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