This year has brought an unprecedented number of clients to 11stories, and each and every one of those clients has expanded my notion of what it means to be a personal historian today.

I’ve always believed that the experience of recording life’s stories is just as important for a young entrepreneur as it is for the retiree, just as relevant to the newlyweds as it is to the couple celebrating 50 years together. This year has proved my point. I’ve written about the myths of personal history and how there is no one typical client or typical story. My clients range in age from their mid-30s through their mid-80s. They come to 11stories from all over the country – for example, this year’s clients live in California, New York, Colorado, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. They have a variety of reasons for hiring 11stories – some are doing this for personal reflection, some are doing this as a gift to future generations, some are doing this to celebrate a love.

Despite the diversity of our clients’ backgrounds and experiences, they all share my enthusiasm and passion for recording life’s stories. I am so happy to see an increased interest and an awareness of the value of personal history.

In response to this growth and my expanding clientele, I embarked on an 11stories brand renewal and redesign of our website. This redesign is part of my commitment to bring a modern, fresh approach to personal histories and to respond to the unique and dynamic needs of the 11stories client. For example…

The Process page outlines the main aspects of the 11stories experience, a road map of sorts for what to expect when you work with us.

Our Packages page has been updated to give examples of the clever ways that we have worked with clients to create a custom experience.

And don’t miss our Frequently Asked Questions section that is rich with information.

Best of all, we’ll have new stories to share over the coming months as we finish books for our 2014 clients and begin new adventures with our clients in 2015. Please enjoy the new website – happy storytelling to all!