With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and some of our clients in the midst of wedding planning, I wanted to reflect on why the Love Story is such a special part of the work we do at 11stories.

So why do I love the Love Story? Let me count the ways…

  1. Each couple’s story is both unique and universal.

I love to meet with a new couple for the first time, to listen to the story that is unique to them. Yet despite the differences in the details, there are a surprising amount of commonalties – there truly is a universal language of love (stories.)

For example, couples inevitably have conflicting responses to the question “How did you meet?” I’ve never heard a couple who agrees on how they met!

Similarly, the question of “What would you change about your partner?” elicits a surprisingly consistent response. The theme of closet space comes up more times than I can count – inevitably one partner wishes their sweetie would have fewer shoes/better organization/neater folding habits in the closet.

  1. The Love Story is the ultimate, one-of-a-kind gift.

Many of our Love Stories are given as gifts, for a wedding, an anniversary, or for Valentine’s Day. Husbands come to us looking for the ultimate romantic gift. Bridesmaids work with us to create the perfect group wedding present. Kids and grandkids celebrate their grandparent’s enduring love. Trust me when I say that giving this gift will make you look like the best (boyfriend, wife, friend, kid, fill in the blank) – it’s that good!

Those gifts are also some of our most creative, custom experiences. We’ve helped create surprise gifts (yes, we’re willing to tell a little white lie for the sake of a great surprise.) We’ve recorded stories from families and friends across the country (thanks to Skype and email, we can gather all types of fabulous stories.) And we’ve helped to gather old photos and long-forgotten love letters. We love being a small part of spreading the love!

  1. It’s cheaper (and far more fun) than therapy.

The Love Story experience can be incredibly restorative – how rare is it that you get to sit with your sweetie for a few hours and remember how and why you love that person. And better yet, listen to your sweetie tell how and why they love you.

The experience of recording a Love Story is about more than just the story – it’s how a couple tells their story, together, as a couple. Beyond just the words of the story, we capture how two people finish each other’s sentences, how they banter with each other, how they share an inside joke.

At the end of our conversation, our couples say that they learned something new about their partner and they see their relationship from a fresh perspective. Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a couch!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all – here’s to celebrating your love story!