JENA:  With our kids, I definitely want to convey to them, Marry the right person. And thats going to mean different things to different people, but to me that means, Marry someone who gets you.  Who you dont have to explain your sense of humor to them, you just dont have to explain. I mean, certainly youll have to communicate sometimes why you feel a certain way, or this kind of thing. But be with someone who is open to hearing that.

Jena and Jake live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, where Jake owns a law practice and Jena works as an educator. Together they are parents to three boys under the age of six.  Jena contacted 11stories to record their love story as a way to celebrate their upcoming anniversary and to preserve their legacy for their children – and to remember their adventures before they became busy parents!

Best friends since high school, it would take fifteen years, international travels, and even an engagement (to someone else!) before these two admitted that they were more than friends.  Their book includes their stories of a friendship that turned into love, their reflections on marrying the right person who just “gets” you, and their adventures raising three young boys.  When asked what they might want to change about each other, they had a unique response – they were more interested in reflecting on what they might change in themselves, not in their partner.  Friendship, mutual respect, and a great sense of humor – the perfect foundation for a love story!

Enjoy a few excerpts from their love story below:

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FONTnotes:  Paris Pro for titles and pull-quotes and the Brandon Grotesque for Jena and Jake’s story – the result is a contemporary layout with an international flair that represents this modern. well-traveled couple.  Their book included a custom logo of their initials.


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