11stories: I’m curious, when you gave this gift to Marcus, what were your hopes?

Stella: Well, at the time I was looking for a gift that would be meaningful for him. And I know he can buy anything material that he wants, but he’s a very reflective person, very thoughtful. I just wanted some way for him to have something concrete in his hands that was his story, that he could look back on and be really proud of himself and feel good about his life to this point.

And I also thought it’s a nice thing because when he’s not here anymore, I have the book, or Ophelia has the book – you know, it doesn’t go away. And I thought for her, even in the future, I think it would be nice to hear in his words what his life has meant to him.

I think it’s definitely unique. And I don’t know how you do it, it’s a talent, weaving it together and having it come together so beautifully. So thank you very much.

We have quite a few clients come to us through gifts, especially around important celebrations like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or retirement.  The gifter – or gifters (’cause lots of times we work with a group of friends or siblings to create the perfect gift!) – is looking for a unique present for that special person.  They quickly realize that this is a gift that will be appreciated by everyone.

This was the case for our client Stella, who hired us to create a Life Story book to celebrate her husband’s 50th birthday and his recent successes in business.  She soon realized that this experience was as much a gift for her husband as it was for herself and their daughter, and that their family would appreciate this gift for many years to come.

Thank you to all of our clients who recognize the real gift of recording and sharing your story!