Michael’s Life Story book celebrates his 50th birthday, his remarkable successes in business, and his positive approach to life in the aftermath of a near-fatal car accident.  His wife Stella hired 11stories to create a one-of-a-kind birthday gift for the man who had everything.  She wanted to give him a rare opportunity to reflect on his accomplishments and to record his stories for their young daughter Ophelia.

Michael has had an impressive career, co-founding one of the most successful and ground-breaking companies in the field of health technologies.  Despite his considerable achievements, he remains humble and clear in his dedication to his family.  Born in Italy, Michael is happiest when cooking a large Italian meal and entertaining friends and family.  When Stella and I were discussing the project, she knew it would be important to include interviews with those close family members and friends who are at the center of Michael’s life.  I relished each and every interview, especially Michael’s honest reflections, his sister’s hilarious accounts of his quirks, and sweet Ophelia’s musings on her father’s generous spirit.

This project has been a real treat to work on, and I am so thrilled to share an excerpt of the book here.  The book was one of our larger Life Story books to date, rich with stories, conversations with friends and family members, old family photographs, and hand-written letters.  Please enjoy an excerpt below (names have been changed to respect the client’s privacy as a public figure.)

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FONTnotes:  The book’s design reflects Michael’s deep family connections to Italy.  The colors of each chapter evoke the colors of Italian food and its landscapes and seascapes.  Fonts include Bodoni (designed by one of the great Italian typographers of the 18th c.), Concurso Italian (inspired by the travel posters of the 1920’s, evokes Michael’s love of travel.)  Interviews with family and friends are offset using a different color scheme and typography.