Robert’s project is a combination of a Life Story and a Corporate History, with an emphasis on reflection and lessons learned.  Before his 40th birthday, Robert has built a highly successful company in the field of investment banking, with an impressive roster of clients throughout the United States and abroad.  He recognized the relatively rapid shifts in his life with the significant growth of the business, and wanted a chance to record his experiences before too much time had passed.  Our conversations have included discussions of childhood, education, relationships, and early career, and the foundations and ongoing development of his company.

The storytelling process has revealed many connections between Robert’s personal experiences and his current work.  The same innate confidence that allowed him to excel in his early education is now reflected in his ability to take well-calculated risks in business.  His passion for leadership that began in college continues in his business, where he mentors his staff and encourages them to be leaders in their own right.

This project is a wonderful example of the importance of personal history and a personal favorite due in large part to Robert’s honest and deliberate approach to storytelling.  He was clear from the beginning that this was more than simply a recording of memories; it was also a rare opportunity to take the time to consider his journey thus far and set priorities for the future.  Implicit in those goals was a desire to achieve a healthy work-life balance.  Robert’s wisdom is in knowing how to build a successful business while equally knowing that his work does not define his happiness.

Please enjoy an excerpt from this ongoing project, as Robert reflects on the past few years (names have been changed to respect the client’s privacy as a public figure.)

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