Here at 11stories, we create beautiful books to help you capture and share your stories. Usually those stories are told through interviews with clients, recording your stories in your words. But storytelling can occur beyond the spoken word, through creative writing and the visual arts. In this past year we’ve had the pleasure of working with several clients who are telling their stories through poetry, photography, and written and digital communications.

A few of our recent book design projects include:

Poetry book. A collection of original poems and illustrations, professionally designed for distribution through Amazon, bookstores and libraries.

10th anniversary book. A love story told through emails exchanged during the couple’s first year of dating.

50th anniversary book. A love story told through photos and stories shared by the couple’s daughter and their friends and family.

40th birthday book. A life story told through letters and photos submitted by over 50 friends and family, celebrating one very remarkable man.

Regardless of how you choose to tell your story, we are dedicated to inspired storytelling and great book design!