Alex Saroyan has had an esteemed career in U.S. politics, and as he approached his 90th birthday, he wanted to preserve his legacy.  His stories are rich with history that reflects many Americans of his generation.  His parents arrived at Ellis Island in 1921, leaving war and unrest in their home country of Armenia in hopes of providing better opportunities for their family.  Mr. Saroyan took advantage of every opportunity, earning entry into the finest schools and universities.  He had a remarkable career playing baseball for a major league team.  In his next chapter in life, Mr. Saroyan entered the world of American politics.  He held office at the state and national levels, where he was particularly passionate about improving the lives of our nation’s citizens through education.  Throughout his career, he worked to pass education policies that would ensure opportunities for all children.

His book will be published to share with friends and family, and will also be offered for sale to those who wish to learn more about his personal and political life and the legacy he leaves to the next generation.  Below is a brief excerpt of his memoir.  (names have been changed to respect the client’s privacy as a public figure.)

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FONTnotes:  The book design reflects Mr. Saroyan’s Armenian heritage through several elements.  The text was set in Arek, an award-winning font developed for both English and Armenian language support.  The Armenian wheel of eternity was used as a design element to highlight quotes and introduce each chapter.  The Adorn font family was used for titles, offering an elegant nod to styles of the past.