David is an attorney and an accomplished musician, having played guitar with many of the great bands of our time.  As he approached his 60th birthday, he was looking for a unique way to celebrate his life and share his musical experiences with his family.  David came to 11stories with the idea to combine a Life Story book with fine art photographs of his guitar collection, and thus “A Life in Guitars” was born.  His storytelling reflects the passion of an artist who has pursued his musical dreams, and the wisdom of a man who pursued a career in law to support his dreams and his family.  David’s stories are poetic, honest, and rich with the details of a life well lived.

It has been a real pleasure and a great honor to work on this project, and I am thrilled to share just a few pages of his beautiful, artistic journey.  (names have been changed to respect the client’s privacy as a public figure.)

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FONTnotes:  David’s book design reflects the elegance of the guitars he treasures.  Subtle design elements like 6 gold lines around images represent the strings of the guitar.  The guitar pick is used to frame page numbers and chapter headings.  The text is set in Cormorant, which exhibits the smooth curves of a guitar.  Titles are set in Blakely and Landmark Inline, both of which complement the architectural feel of the guitars as sculpture and follow the theme of the strings of a guitar.